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Loggin Trailers

Merrick Loggin Trailers has been professionally converting artic trailers into farm trailers for more than 40 years. These are built up as single-axle, tandem-axle or four-wheel with a turntable depending on the customer’s preference and requirements. Great attention is paid to ensuring that our trailers are fully road legal, and especially in regards to lights, braking and wheel equipment. Most are supplied with 385 x 22.5 super single tyres, although 435 x 19.5 super singles can also be supplied to give a low bed height.

The artic trailer beds, the majority of which being hardwood, can be cut down to the customer’s required length. Trailers from 36-40ft are usually made with a tandem axle trailer and a fifth-wheel dolly (which can also be supplied separately for customers to convert their own trailers).

Super single tyres to fit many farm trailers are also available on request.

Low Loading Trailers

We have been making our low loading trailers for many years. These have a hydraulic raised and lowered deck and are ideal for wide implements, such as combi drills and cultivators that are easy to load over the side when the trailer is lowered to the ground. We now make a very strong and simple version that is loaded over the front for carrying up to 8 tonne tracked diggers, teleporters, skid steer loaders etc. Loading is simple; lower the trailer to the ground on the tractor, pick up, hitch, load the machine, strap in place, pick up and away!

The low loader trailer has a chequer plate deck size 13 feet (4mtr) long and 8 feet (2.4 mtr) wide and comes with with L.E.D lighting and hydraulic brakes. Very good value from £4,500 + VAT. This trailer can be specified to suit your requirements e.g. a rear platform that can carry up to 2 tonnes, steel or plastic mudguards, various tyre types and sizes, deck lengths up to 20 feet (6 mtr). There is also a 10 tonne version! We also usually have a selection of used plant trailers in stock which have been through our workshop to ensure in good working order. Similar to one shown..

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