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Loggin Trailers

Merrick Loggin Trailers has been professionally converting arctic trailers into farm trailers for more than 40 years. These are built up as single-axle, tandem-axle or four-wheel with a turntable depending on the customer’s preference and requirements. Great attention is paid to ensuring that trailers are fully road legal, especially in regards to lights, braking and wheel equipment. Most are supplied with 385 x 22.5 supersingle tyres, although 435 x 19.5 supersingles can also be supplied to give a low bed height.

The artic trailer beds, the majority of which are hardwood, can be cut down to the customer’s required length. Trailers from 36-40ft are usually made with a tandem axle trailer and a fifth-wheel dolly (which can also be supplied separately for customers to convert their own trailers).

Supersingle tyres to fit many farm trailers are also available on request.

14-20 Tonne Tipping Trailers

These feature tandem axle articulated trailer running gear, monocoque large capacity bodies and have unique chassis incorporating a full length drawbar that extends to the rear of the trailer. This keeps the pulling line as close to the centre line of the axles. The standard specification includes hydraulic and park brakes, sheet hooks, full road lights, grain chute and access ladder. The 18 ply super singles virtually eliminate puncture problems. The hydraulic tailgate opens fully to allow 3’6” clearance and will clear the silage sides or a heaped load. A unique locking action keeps the tailgate secure even when filled with slurry – it can not creep open.

Silage kits are available if required.