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Loggin Trailers

Merrick Loggin Trailers has been professionally converting artic trailers into farm trailers for more than 40 years. These are built up as single-axle, tandem-axle or four-wheel with a turntable depending on the customer’s preference and requirements. Great attention is paid to ensuring that our trailers are fully road legal, and especially in regards to lights, braking and wheel equipment. Most are supplied with 385 x 22.5 super single tyres, although 435 x 19.5 super singles can also be supplied to give a low bed height.

The artic trailer beds, the majority of which being hardwood, can be cut down to the customer’s required length. Trailers from 36-40ft are usually made with a tandem axle trailer and a fifth-wheel dolly (which can also be supplied separately for customers to convert their own trailers).

Super single tyres to fit many farm trailers are also available on request.

Horse Muck Trailers

We now do a complete range of horse muck trailers for all yard sizes and budgets. They are designed to give years of trouble free service.

All HMTs:

• Are designed to be hauled and tipped by all farm tractors from 35 HP upwards, and are fitted with a 50mm pickup tow eye

• Are fitted with a box type screw jack, so that when parked it can be wound down to lessen the ramp incline

• Have a light alloy front ramp 3’3” wide and 6’6” high (1m x 2m) and side opening or Barn rear doors

• Are hand built, so any alterations you require can be added to the build at little or no extra cost

The standard colour is dark green but most colours (such as black, red & brown below) are available.

Low cost delivery available.

4 Tonne Size - 11’6” Long 7’ Wide 6’ High

These are complete new bodies built on existing chassis. The tip ram and axle are fully reconditioned.

Bodies are fully seam welded with fillet sides to the floor, to resist corrosion.

Fitted with new wheels & new 1050 x 15 tyres. Comes with a new tip pipe and L.E.D. lights.

This is our most popular trailer, as it suits most applications.

Price £3,900 + VAT

6 Tonne size - 13’ Long 7’ Wide 6’ High

As per the 4 tonne, but, fitted with hydraulic braking and 11.5 x 15 tyres.

Price £5,900 + VAT

8 Tonne Size 16’6” Long ,8’ Wide, 6’ High.

These are all new construction (chassis, tip ram etc.) fitted with a reconditioned artic trailer axle and part worn low profile super single tyres.

Bodies are fully seam welded with fillets side to floor to, resist corrosion.

Price £7,500 + VAT.

Horse Muck Trailer Covers

We now offer durable polyvinyl covers for our horse muck trailers.

These are fully waterproof and will prevent your horse muck turning into sludge from rain ingress.

Price £400 + VAT